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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Fund Contest

With regard to "Financial Literacy"~ "Poverty Sucks" and MONEY is the best motivator.

Mutual Fund Contest "the contest" and "the contestant" have been around for centuries in fact since the beginning of time there has always been some kind of game or war where the winner takes all. In todays fast moving investment marketplace Canadians take and invest their money with in all sorts of investment products through many different retail and advice channels.

The markets and marketplace have not changed much since olden times and some have learned to grow rich and some have tried to corner the market and failed. There is a big difference in planning to be rich over the long-term and being an overnight success. With literacy in Canada being at an all time low with respect to international standards there is no doubt that Canadians having trouble reading will have a worse time with financial literacy.

Mutual Fund Contest was designed and developed to attract and retain important target markets and sectors of the general and investing public. In this incredible age of computers and in this time and juncture of financial education needs for youth and new immigrants, investors and advisors "The Mutual Fund Contest".

In advertising and marketing nothing holds truer in that; there is no better "points" motivation than making, saving or earning money.

You maybe a savvy investor, new immigrant, 5th grader or a seasoned financial advisor you are all welcome to enter the $10,000.00 Mutual Fund Contest and win one of 4 prizes valued at $2500 each. See contest details – check out the rules – register – choose funds – and follow the fun – Track your electronic portfolio compared – with the Top 10 portfolios.

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